Georgia Diminished Value Insurance Claims

After an accident, recover the loss in your vehicle’s value

Vehicles that have been in an accident—even when they are completely repaired with parts from the original manufacturer—are always worth less than they were before the accident. This is not surprising. All things being equal, most car buyers want to purchase a car that has not been damaged rather than one that has. And, with today’s technology, it is very easy for both dealerships and consumers to get information about a vehicle’s history using services like Carfax, Edmonds, and

Diminished value is the difference between a vehicle’s pre-accident and post-accident values. If you are an accident that caused damage to your car, motorcycle, RV or boat, your insurance company may be required to pay you for the loss in value to your vehicle. The attorneys at Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. help clients with diminished value cases. We will —

  • Request and review all paperwork from your insurance file, including underwriting information and your policy terms and conditions
  • Collect all information regarding your accident, including the extent and amount of damages
  • Determine the decrease in your vehicle’s value due to the accident
  • File a claim with your insurance company for the diminished value and, when necessary, file a law suit to collect your compensation

You diligently paid your insurance policy premiums. So, you deserve to be made whole after an accident that reduces the value of your insured property.

Helping Georgia diminished value claims—One call, that’s all

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